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a hell of a lot of pictures update   
08:42pm 18/07/2008


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01:43am 22/06/2007
  where are you? yes, you. i like to know you're still out there being glorious.  

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05:54pm 25/09/2005
  I stole this from Dawn cuz it made me laugh.


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HA! ok this one's better.

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12:09pm 09/03/2005

(so are birthdays)

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01:17am 14/01/2005
mood: grateful
who would have thought one year could mean so much.

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03:53pm 18/11/2004
  you picked me up
and yet im down
at the bottom of
this stretch wide upwards
and into your arms.
i know each face of yours,
each breath of yours
has meaning
far deeper than
this sea which separates
my eyes from
my heart.
my disposition
and my tears
all fighting here -
red hot and tired
from wanting
just one thing so badly

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08:12pm 07/11/2004
  all bets = off.

found him.

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Fiske i Ljung   
09:35pm 21/10/2004

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05:56am 03/09/2004
mood: warm
"... .. . Tell me again."

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07:25am 14/08/2004
  7 months ago today, my life was forever changed by the simple actions of another.  
05:23pm 09/08/2004
  So this town isn't quite nearly as daunting and scary when you really have no time or desire to focus on anything negative. The comfort of tranquil spaces and always kind faces grips you, shields from all that is lost, and helps build a steady stream of drive to see those things through. I have a lot of scenery and three faces to thank for replacing a quaint load of esoteric passion. Uninhibited laughter, relentlessly random laughter. It helps, so thank you.
through the whirls
of the wind
cast your solemnly glare

by the guide
of your mind
reconnect with the hopeless

for the grace of a
treasured space
will convince you through bliss

to head back towards that
which congeals in your eyes

and reach forth - the smoldering
torch, so feeble - but breathing

then bring you back
to the fact
of yourself in the future.

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08:41pm 21/05/2004
  the vivid green of
a summer strong day,
softly ripe and gently
building itself around
your notion of pleasure -
so sacred, this wanton and graceful.

wind like the etched
swirls of your eye
lifts me like the river,
taunts the facade.

the fragrent hollowed breeze
long awaits this tease
of magic summer's winter
tempted here in weakness.

the glorious pale blue
of a day succomed to time,
puts fresh new shade
upon this green,
this notion of pleasure -
so becoming, this unravelled and right.

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05:20pm 07/05/2004
  Hi it's me, clairest.

I opened this window on a whim so lets just see where it takes me.

This computer is acting like a piece of shit, but it's adams - so there must be something dire happening that I am totally oblivious to. * shrugs *

I started work at the st. catharines PITA PIT. It's kinda fun. I think of Meghan each time somebody orders a teriyaki chicken. Brian wanted that pita so bad BUT I SNATCHED IT UP JUST TO MAKE HIM MAD. I hope Meghan is reading this, or else its going to make sense to NOBODY. Anyway, lotsa drunk people come in there and I get to stare blankly a lot of the time. Either way, I get to bring my own music so most of the time I spend headbanging and doing number cross word puzzels. Yup. Lots of black men come in and hit on my friend Anna, who has been training me. One of them was like "I just want to take her to an acoustic Maynard set for like 80 people", after that, I told him to fuck off. You don't wear visors like that and like Tool. Some drama with some crackheads went down the other day. Crackheads are totally not overrated. They are some CRAZY MOTHER FUCKS.

Adam and I went to see APC and managed to hunt down Erin, Chud and Jess in the crowd. There was another girl there but I still dont know her name and I'm not attempting a guess again. Was a great fucking show. Maynard has nice hips. Adam and I took E and it couldn't have been better. Got the two songs I wanted, Noose/Brena, so I was a very fucking happy girl!

I also finished a very good book. Liquor by Poppy Z Brite. It was of different flavour from the books of hers I've otherwise devoured, but I was very impressed with her abilities to totally change her style and still come out on top. If any of you are fans of the overrated Anne Rice, give some Poppy Z Brite a chance. She will change all that you currently know of well-made sentences.

Ok, I'm going to buy new pants now bye.

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04:03pm 30/03/2004
mood: satisfied
Today I made the GOTHEST version of Jeopardy EVER.

Black bristle board as background for crimson, dark purple, and tan-marbeled-with-red question slots.

My Prof better recognize the style in this.

It's Jeopardy the "Justification for Humanitarian Intervention" and "Non-Discrimination for All' Editions.

I just thought you all might care to know.

And I never post anymore so HI! I'M ALIVE!

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04:51pm 15/02/2004
  Within the warmth of this
night, came a revelation in
sight, of a life left lost, to;
prevailing impulse,
sacred fervor,
unheard rhythm,
eyes of glass..

This voice ignites
all frailty -
latching onto
the past.
but tainted
by the ambiguity
that lasts.

A foreshadow this
frightening, this overbearing
now confronted -
lights the way to
reflection, intrigue
far thrown.

Into the wastelands
that beam with
odd hope and
though possibilities
are present, the
reservations hold strong.

All is well, without
the never-ending stream
of doubt, that
holds key
to your reign.
A strength has gathered
but seems ultimately
affected, by your attempts
saturated in vein.

I stand by, always ready
for the nights you choose to come.
The morning after will
constantly be plagued,
unmentionable and fore fronted -
but my decision is faultless.

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09:36am 05/02/2004
mood: sad
Theres.., such a chill.


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07:42pm 08/12/2003
  everyday seems so long
so perpetuated and wrong
that this mind will
not faulter
quite long enough
to let go of
the sanctity in
clarity, of this
mind left in ruins.

the unison of the self
triggers violent
yet vital
yet premised
association with
pronounced non-truth.

you are not
like me -
each way
it can be sliced.
i will never
stare vacantly
into the void
of your preachings.

the noose
is quite taunt
this blood
will soon boil
unless for certain
this tribunal is
halted in the name
of dignity.

the concept of failure
can never resurface
after it is realized
that today
is indeed not
your last day
of attempt.

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01:37pm 28/11/2003
  The moss has grown again.

The loss has become uncertain.

Trivial pursuits, no fun allowed.

Why, oh why can't I care?


YHM (10:40am) - YQT(12:25pm) Sunday 21st
YQT (08:00am) - YHM(09:35am) Tuesday 30th

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the MYSTERY picture   
02:53pm 21/11/2003
  So, i get my film back, and this is one of the last shots taken. Its on my negatives, so I must have taken it.

I have no idea what it is. It looks like a horizon against a backdrop of trees.. but what the fuck is burning in the bushes? Looks like a road, a house on fire, and a man on fire walking down the road. well, the man doesnt look on fire, but its an almost perfect outline of the body man in bright red.

i would remember taking a picture of a burning building. no one else touches my camera. it stays in a locked box.

if anybody can make any sense i'd appreciate it.


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02:45pm 21/11/2003
mood: done

.Fallen.Collapse )

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